This is Tampa Bay’s Second Annual Matrimonial Meet & Match. After last year’s unique and successful event, we are bringing this event once again for singles to participate from all over North America and elsewhere.
Hindu - Jain - Sikh men & women will have an opportunity to meet face to face with like minded people.

Two Separate Events for Two Different Age Groups

Don’t Miss Your Chance At Love - Register by August 31, 2019

About Us

We are a group of volunteers backed by Hindu Family Support Services (HFSS is a 501c3) based in the Tampa Bay area who had a vision to put together an event like no other in the matrimonial space.

We believe that our Indian culture, traditions and values are precious and should be held on to while at the same time give way to today’s times and modern life..

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  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    Very laid back, very positive staff, loved the Zumba session.
    Shruti S
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    Very relaxed and events were well spaced out.
    2018 attendee
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    Good turn out, good ratio and well organized.
    Kapil P
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    The opportunity to meet people I would have not otherwise met, I appreciate your efforts, it is clear you guys have put in a lot of hard work.
    Praveen S.
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    Not too much pressure, easy to interact & make friends, games were fun, and great age range.
    Neha D
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    First time so I did not have much expectations, but I will definitely like to come back.
    Askash C.
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    the volunteer staff was amazing.
    Chahna T
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    Warm and comforting environment
    2018 attendee
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    More chances to meet people one on one compared to other events.
    2018 attendee
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    Laid back, low stress and optimistic
    Parth J
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    Nicely Organized and a lot of events.
  • flhm testiomonial user icon
    Ice Breakers and team building activities were great
    Anand K.